The Mercury Retrograde Self-Reflection Exploration

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About Latrelle Ross

Change Agent Photographer, Latrelle Ross, empowers women to transform their lives via clear direction and aligned action, discovered through spiritual life coaching and energy clearings.

She has been using her photography as an empowerment tool for her clients in their personal lives and businesses for nearly 30 years.

She spent seven years as a spiritual empowerment blogger, on her former blog, Sacred Cyber Space, where she showcased her photography and began working one-on-one with women to help them transform their lives.

Latrelle has been reading oracle cards for over 30 years, and teaches her followers how to use them to connect with their intuition, in her free, Facebook group, The Authentic Transformation Tribe.

She is attuned with level I & II Reike energy and has been aligned with the Starseed Masters via Accelerated Light Healing to accentuate her work with energy clearings.

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