Your Authentic Year

So much has been going on in my world, in regards to owning what I had been pushing away for years…

That I am a change agent and I do this through spiritual life coaching, energy clearings, photography, as well as my writing.

And now I also am owning the genetic level reality that I am an entrepreneur.

This is the next-level, up-level I have been resisting for a very long time.

But, here I am, it’s the beginning of March 2019, and what started as a dreamy, this-is-for-retirement, side project back in 2010, is now my full time gig.

And I have been so excited and aligned with all of the great ideas coming through, that I completely forgot I should be sharing them here.

Your Authentic Year.

This came about when I was chatting online with a friend, in mid December 2018.

She asked me what I was going to be doing after our conversation and I told about a little ritual I do every year, and how I include some work from an old business coach, to wrap-up my year and start setting up the next.

She was so interested in what I was doing and how I did it that I decided, in the moment, to put a program together for everyone that also included the energy clearings I am finally finding my footing with (more on that later).

Your Authentic Year came together quickly and unfolded as I moved through my yearly ritual, and I was so excited that I was able to get together six people, with very little effort.

I knew right from the start that this immersion was going to be a yearly offering, for you to pay to join once and be a part of for life.

So every year, you get to go through it with a new group of people, and will have the materials available year round to assist you in staying aligned with your dreams and goals.

Interested in Learning More?

Follow this link to learn more about this program that just keeps growing month to month.

I have already added the class, Time Management for the Present Moment to support your experience.

And monthly alignment work is also included, to help you stay focused on the amazing life and/or business you are creating for yourself.

Message me if you have any questions.

Love and hugs,

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Mercury Retrograde Self-Reflection Exploration

Something has been missing in my life and I finally put my finger on it last week.

I miss blogging!

I stepped away to get clear and never really figured out where it fit, once I got going again.

And here we are.

I am feeling where it wants to sit, and Mondays it will be.

And this Monday I am sharing another transformative experience, created to help you step into your next-level life and business.

Anyone who has followed me for any length of time knows that there a few Earth rhythms I consider myself an expert in, and the Mercury Retrograde is one of them.

This astrological occurrence can really send people into a fearful frenzy, because, yes, goofy and stressful stuff is a possibility, but there is so much more that these times have to offer you and I am really excited about what I’ve put together to help you out.

All through this current Mercury Retrograde, I will be leading a gentle, complimentary exploration through the energy each phase this retrograde has to offer.

The reflective energy of each phase is supported with journal prompts and my guidance, to help you reflect on and explore both your life and business.

👇 Register here to join us 👇

I can’t wait to show you how powerfully transformative Mercury Retrogrades can be.

The next-level clarity and alignment you gain will help you soar through the rest of the year.

The first video is already up.

👆 Don’t forget to register and I’ll see you there ☺️

Love and hugs,

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Time Management for the Present Moment

Hey Gen-X gals.

Did you hear we are the most stressed that women at mid-life have ever been?

This article from is lengthy, but will really set your mind at ease because there’s a reason why you’re feeling chronically overwhelmed.

We are not the only ones who feel this way.

We just landed in the worst of it in regards to the disappearance of the old “American Dream”, because, really, I see every generation being the most stressed that age group has ever been.

But as a group/shared experience, combined with our tendency as a generation to just want everyone to leave us alone, this can leave us feeling isolated and like failures, especially if we are still comparing our experience to our parents’s.

Then there’s kids, aging parents who are living longer, we are still recovering from the financial crisis, there’s zero job security, we have our own health issues…

No wonder we feel like we’re spinning our wheels, getting nowhere fast.

And, no wonder we choose to let our dreams and goals go, because “there’s no time for that.”

So many of us have squashed our personal desires for so many years, that we don’t even remember what our dreams were in the first place.

We have been so focused on surviving for so long, that we have forgotten what it feels like to thrive, to have dreams and goals.

I am here to tell you that this does not need to be your new normal.

It is Sooooo! not the case.

Because the time is now.

You can totally achieve your goals and dreams while juggling all this.

There is plenty of time to tend to that still, small voice that is telling you there is something more.

And I would love to show you how, in this complimentary, life transformation class happening:

Friday, February 1, 2019 at 12 PM EST.

Time Management for the Present Moment: How to Put Your Life Back in Your Hands.

  • This special power course is designed to show you how to create meaning in the present moment, through empowered and aligned action.
  • And it is a method I have developed over the past 10 years in my own life, that has completely changed the way I view and use my time.

And you will do this too when you:

– Own what is working for you, what you have to build from.

– Get clear on what you value, what your dreams / goals are, as well as what you are obligated / responsible for.

– Create a Present Moment Sketch TM to see where, even in the midst of the most unfulfilling activity, you are actually living your purpose and moving towards your dreams.

– Learn how to use your Sketch as a guide, to keep you in alignment with your goals.

To be included, please sign up here.

I have been wanting to share this with you for a while now, and I am so thrilled to finally see it all coming together.

See you Friday 🙂

Love and hugs,

P.S. Yes! It will be available for replay if you are not available at noon 🙂

P.P.S. But don’t wait too long. This power course will be removed after a week and will only be available for purchase after that.


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TØP, Visualization, Critical Mass & Synergy

This post is for the Clique, and anyone who is in the midst of discovering the creative genius that is Twenty One Pilots (TØP) (which means you’re now in the Clique too 😉 ).

You know, TØP, the social movement disguised as an incredible band?

The social movement that makes me different than most folks my age, as it makes me feel completely confident that the future holds some incredible stuff, and that we are not totally screwed.

What’s The Big Deal?

Part of TØP’s “what’s the big deal?” presentation is that it encompasses everything: incredible music, performance art, fan art, cosplay and an alternate, metaphorical world.

A world filled with symbolism and clues, designed to take their fans on a journey; designed to include their fans to a degree that I’ve never seen in my 42 rock ‘n roll loving years. (Phish’s Gamehendge comes close.)

Which makes total sense, because we are all Twenty One Pilots.

Once you see a show, you’re in: “We’re Twenty One Pilots and so are you!”

At a TØP show, the audience, the Clique, is part of the show.

Audience participation is expected, mandatory and part of the performance.

I could get into so much more, but I am going to leave the searching and discovery up to you, because they came of age in the YouTube and Vine era.

So, if you dig on YouTube you will find videos all the way back to when Tyler and Josh were in High School. (There’s even videos of them when they were little, if you dig deep enough.)

Give yourself a month or so and you will be completely caught up with everyone else.

It’s beautiful.

So, what’s this post about?

Well, this post is all about a little blip in time between TØP albums, visualization and creative synergy.

A time when the guys were building the alternate world for us all to engage in, as well as the new album.

Josh and Tyler are from Columbus, Ohio.

I live in Toledo, Ohio and my youngest niece has deep, family, Columbus roots on her dad’s side.

So, Columbus is not an out of reach reality for any of us.


For me, being the change agent that I am, a big part of the beauty of TØP is their utilization of visualization in their creative process, most notably in how they stayed focused and grew from a popular, local band to arena domination, with a global fan base .

Josh and Tyler share the same clear vision for everything they do and they follow all my basic rules for manifesting intention, including not talking about what they are working towards while keeping the picture in their mind of where they want to land.

So, when my niece and sister went to Columbus to see Artopia (a collection of TØP fan art), they let the Clique in all their Facebook groups know they were going, and that they were going to the last show a couple of days later.

They also did this thing where you ask everyone to comment their name if they want their name included on a poster-board sign that has a very slim chance of making to the guys.

Sweet little TØP fans from all over the world (they are family friendly, lots of young kids love the band, and so do their parents)  kept saying over and over, “You’re so lucky! Tell them I said, Hi!”.

My sister told me about this and commented, “I think they don’t get that just because we’re going to Columbus doesn’t mean we’re going to actually hang out with them. We’re just going to the art show and a concert.”

We laughed and loved how adorable their world view was.

But, here’s the thing, when a critical mass of people hold the same vision, amazing things can also happen.

Like this…

(To the Clique: please note Josh’s yellow hair and Tyler’s yellow shirt 😉 )

And, my sister did let Tyler know: “So many people from all over the world want me to let you know they say “Hi!”.

No, Auntie Latrelle did not go. (The girl in the middle is a family friend)

I was in the midst of a total life-altering, perimenopausal crumble, due to the suicide of Chris Cornell, hence my niece’s repeated attempts to get me to go to the show, even though I didn’t have a ticket.

“You might not get in, but you’ll be there and that’s what matters.” (Um, yes, The Grateful Dead and Phish gene are in her DNA – her first Phish show was in the womb – ha!)

But never fear, it all came together, as she was right on; what I needed was TØP and it came together exactly when it was supposed to – during my Level II Reiki attunement.

Heavy Dirty Soul

Enter the secret mission.

As I said, Columbus is not that far from us.

And once I got into TØP there was no turning back.

The last video of the Blurry Face album cycle, Heavy Dirty Soul, was filmed outside Columbus.

Some TØP “residue” was left from that video: burn marks and skid marks on the highway.

And it slowly started to become the stuff of legend, among the Clique.

Mission Implausible

Of course, this was just an invitation for a family outing and, as an homage to the fellas, we really implemented our manifesting process, to the point that we didn’t tell anyone what we were going to do.

We didn’t want to hear what anyone had to say about our mission.

Why Mission Implausible?

This video will fill you in, and will also give you a taste of why it is so easy to go down the YouTube rabbit hole with these guys. 😉

Now this mission was so secret that, not only did we not tell anyone what we were doing, we barely told anyone after the Mission was complete.

In fact this is the first time I’ve shared this video publicly.

But, here’s the deal.

Our Mission and the video,  are our own little chapter in the TØP “virtual story” and we obviously had no idea, until the first new video popped up a couple months ago.


See, now that we’ve heard a couple of interviews, we have come to understand that the tour ended in Columbus because Tyler got to work on the new album almost immediately. (Josh no longer lives in Columbus)

So our belief that he and Jenna (his wife) were traveling and relaxing, that “there’s no way they are in Columbus right now”, was actually completely off.

Tyler was in the basement of his home, working on the new album, while we were driving around Kirkersville, having our little adventure.

I have a pretty good idea where he lives and it’s not in the city of Columbus (or Kirkersville, but it’s not far from either one).

I am a Detroit girl and I explain it like this: it’s like Detroit and Aretha Franklin.

Everyone pretty much knew where she lived, it was just understood that she was to be left alone.

We were definitely exploring Tyler country while he was under ground,  in his basement, creating Trench.

Creative synergy at its finest.


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Surrendering the Wheel…

So, I had this crazy dream after an intense 24 hours.

On Wednesday, I did my first energy clearing.

I only made it available to members of The Authentic Transformation Tribe, who had to register to participate.

It went very well. (It is available any time to Tribe members, all you have to do is register. If you are interested, simply join the Tribe, message me and I will get the registration to you.)

And so did the rest of my day, until bed time.

Good Morning!

I was awakened, after about 30 minutes of sleep, to Ken yelling.

I moved my hand behind me to push him, to wiggle him, because every once in a while a dream will make him yell.

But, he wasn’t there.

He was kneeling at the side of the bed, yelling in pain.

And when he wasn’t doing that, he was rolling around on the floor yelling and grabbing things to brace himself with.

I called 911, got dressed, managed to get some shorts on Ken and some amazing EMTs showed up, got him out of the apartment and to the hospital.

As I was driving to the hospital, not only did I notice how calm I was, I had the space to see that he probably had a kidney stone.

So, this calmed me down even more, knowing he wasn’t dying, he just felt like he was.

We were sitting in a hospital that is no more than a 3-5 minute drive from our home, that  has taken care of us on several occasions.

Aside from the brief post traumatic stress I always experience when I have to go back, I knew we were safe and Ken was being well cared for.

And, yes, it was a kidney stone.

The Rest Of The Day

The rest of the day, I was, of course, delirious from being up until almost 5 AM.

I got about 5 hours of sleep, but my whole day was way off kilter.

When I finally went to bed, I slept better than I have in a very long time.

The Dream

While I was asleep, among the many vivid dreams I had, there was one that stuck out and would not let go.

I was worried about it, too.

The symbolism concerned me.

I was in the back seat of my dad’s old Oldsmobile.

Sleeping and resting peacefully.

I was so relaxed, completely confident that I was safe and would be getting to my destination without incident.

At one point, in the dream, I woke up and saw that no one was driving the car.

And I was OK with that because “I programmed in where I want to go. It knows how to get me there.”

Then I went back to sleep, relaxed and secure in the knowledge that I was safe and would arrive at my destination when I was supposed to, perfectly whole and well.

When I woke up, I was a little concerned for a while.

My interpretation for a car in dreams is that it is a representation of my life.

And the person driving is an indicator of who is in charge.

Generally, you want the person driving your car to be you.

But this time, there was no one driving.

Was my life that out of control?

All I could think of was the Heavy Dirty Soul video, from Twenty One Pilots; where it looks like no one’s driving the car that Tyler’s in, until the end (and that’s a whole other symbolic journey for another day 😉 ).

Then it came to me.

In the dream, and in that moment, I was completely calm and at peace, with total faith that everything was OK.

I was willing to surrender the wheel to the Universe, Spirit, God, Allah, Buddha – whoever.

That’s who was driving and why everything was and is OK.

Of course!

I know that.

Actually, I knew that.

And my dream supported that.

All is well and in Divine Order <3



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The Authentic Transformation Tribe

It occurred to me today that I had not properly shared the group I have been running on Facebook since last December, The Authentic Transformation Tribe.

I have mentioned it here and there, but I had forgotten that I was keeping kind of quiet about it because I wanted to settle in first as I had created uncharted waters to sail into 😉

This group was created for two reasons:

  1. So I could more authentically connect with you.
  2. So I can help you transform your life.


You may notice there is no place to comment on my blog.

Well, that’s because a while back I decided to develop a more personal relationship with you.

And, The Authentic Transformation Tribe is part of this deeper connection.

This is a sample of our Monday intuition reading:

Here’s how the week unfolds:

  • On Mondays I do a live reading to help you get in touch with your intuition.
  • Tuesdays are for accountability in regards to any action you may have been inspired to take as a result of the guidance you received from the reading.
  • Wednesdays we share our accomplishments, crafts, business offerings; all of our wins.
  • I’ve recently added a help thread for Thursdays; ask for what you need.

And I am currently leaving Friday open (every once in a while I pop in with something to share) as this group is a bit different in that it’s not heavy on participation.

So never feel pressured to participate.

You can pop in, get what you need and leave.

Please Join Us!

I’d like to formally invite you to join us in The Tribe.

A weekly reading will help you tap into your intuition, so you can make more authentic choices during the week and transform your life.

Plus, I also get to connect with you in a more authentic way.

Click here to join.


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