TØP, Visualization, Critical Mass & Synergy

This post is for the Clique, and anyone who is in the midst of discovering the creative genius that is Twenty One Pilots (TØP) (which means you’re now in the Clique too 😉 ).

You know, TØP, the social movement disguised as an incredible band?

The social movement that makes me different than most folks my age, as it makes me feel completely confident that the future holds some incredible stuff, and that we are not totally screwed.

What’s The Big Deal?

Part of TØP’s “what’s the big deal?” presentation is that it encompasses everything: incredible music, performance art, fan art, cosplay and an alternate, metaphorical world.

A world filled with symbolism and clues, designed to take their fans on a journey; designed to include their fans to a degree that I’ve never seen in my 42 rock ‘n roll loving years. (Phish’s Gamehendge comes close.)

Which makes total sense, because we are all Twenty One Pilots.

Once you see a show, you’re in: “We’re Twenty One Pilots and so are you!”

At a TØP show, the audience, the Clique, is part of the show.

Audience participation is expected, mandatory and part of the performance.

I could get into so much more, but I am going to leave the searching and discovery up to you, because they came of age in the YouTube and Vine era.

So, if you dig on YouTube you will find videos all the way back to when Tyler and Josh were in High School. (There’s even videos of them when they were little, if you dig deep enough.)

Give yourself a month or so and you will be completely caught up with everyone else.

It’s beautiful.

So, what’s this post about?

Well, this post is all about a little blip in time between TØP albums, visualization and creative synergy.

A time when the guys were building the alternate world for us all to engage in, as well as the new album.

Josh and Tyler are from Columbus, Ohio.

I live in Toledo, Ohio and my youngest niece has deep, family, Columbus roots on her dad’s side.

So, Columbus is not an out of reach reality for any of us.


For me, being the change agent that I am, a big part of the beauty of TØP is their utilization of visualization in their creative process, most notably in how they stayed focused and grew from a popular, local band to arena domination, with a global fan base .

Josh and Tyler share the same clear vision for everything they do and they follow all my basic rules for manifesting intention, including not talking about what they are working towards while keeping the picture in their mind of where they want to land.

So, when my niece and sister went to Columbus to see Artopia (a collection of TØP fan art), they let the Clique in all their Facebook groups know they were going, and that they were going to the last show a couple of days later.

They also did this thing where you ask everyone to comment their name if they want their name included on a poster-board sign that has a very slim chance of making to the guys.

Sweet little TØP fans from all over the world (they are family friendly, lots of young kids love the band, and so do their parents)  kept saying over and over, “You’re so lucky! Tell them I said, Hi!”.

My sister told me about this and commented, “I think they don’t get that just because we’re going to Columbus doesn’t mean we’re going to actually hang out with them. We’re just going to the art show and a concert.”

We laughed and loved how adorable their world view was.

But, here’s the thing, when a critical mass of people hold the same vision, amazing things can also happen.

Like this…

(To the Clique: please note Josh’s yellow hair and Tyler’s yellow shirt 😉 )

And, my sister did let Tyler know: “So many people from all over the world want me to let you know they say “Hi!”.

No, Auntie Latrelle did not go. (The girl in the middle is a family friend)

I was in the midst of a total life-altering, perimenopausal crumble, due to the suicide of Chris Cornell, hence my niece’s repeated attempts to get me to go to the show, even though I didn’t have a ticket.

“You might not get in, but you’ll be there and that’s what matters.” (Um, yes, The Grateful Dead and Phish gene are in her DNA – her first Phish show was in the womb – ha!)

But never fear, it all came together, as she was right on; what I needed was TØP and it came together exactly when it was supposed to – during my Level II Reiki attunement.

Heavy Dirty Soul

Enter the secret mission.

As I said, Columbus is not that far from us.

And once I got into TØP there was no turning back.

The last video of the Blurry Face album cycle, Heavy Dirty Soul, was filmed outside Columbus.

Some TØP “residue” was left from that video: burn marks and skid marks on the highway.

And it slowly started to become the stuff of legend, among the Clique.

Mission Implausible

Of course, this was just an invitation for a family outing and, as an homage to the fellas, we really implemented our manifesting process, to the point that we didn’t tell anyone what we were going to do.

We didn’t want to hear what anyone had to say about our mission.

Why Mission Implausible?

This video will fill you in, and will also give you a taste of why it is so easy to go down the YouTube rabbit hole with these guys. 😉

Now this mission was so secret that, not only did we not tell anyone what we were doing, we barely told anyone after the Mission was complete.

In fact this is the first time I’ve shared this video publicly.

But, here’s the deal.

Our Mission and the video,  are our own little chapter in the TØP “virtual story” and we obviously had no idea, until the first new video popped up a couple months ago.


See, now that we’ve heard a couple of interviews, we have come to understand that the tour ended in Columbus because Tyler got to work on the new album almost immediately. (Josh no longer lives in Columbus)

So our belief that he and Jenna (his wife) were traveling and relaxing, that “there’s no way they are in Columbus right now”, was actually completely off.

Tyler was in the basement of his home, working on the new album, while we were driving around Kirkersville, having our little adventure.

I have a pretty good idea where he lives and it’s not in the city of Columbus (or Kirkersville, but it’s not far from either one).

I am a Detroit girl and I explain it like this: it’s like Detroit and Aretha Franklin.

Everyone pretty much knew where she lived, it was just understood that she was to be left alone.

We were definitely exploring Tyler country while he was under ground,  in his basement, creating Trench.

Creative synergy at its finest.


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