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As I get older, I use Birthdays and other gift giving holidays as an opportunity to gift myself with realized dreams or accomplished goals.

This year, for my Birthday, a dream of mine, since around 2011/2012, has finally come to fruition and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

I am officially podcasting!

It’s Been A Process

It’s one of those dreams that I was constantly surrendering, for one reason or another.

In the beginning it was because I didn’t have the right equipment.

Then I didn’t feel like I was experienced/qualified enough.

Who was I to babble on like an expert?

And, even though my original college major was Broadcast Communications, I felt like I didn’t have “what it takes”, to do the kind of podcast I was envisioning.

The podcast I wanted to create was soooooooo much shorter than other podcasts I was using for research and as a guide; so much shorter than the podcasts of the coaches I was following.

Basically, even though I teach otherwise, I kept getting caught up in comparing cycles.

And, to be honest, since I wasn’t clear on what I wanted to accomplish, what the purpose of my business was, this is what was really getting in the way.

Fast Forward 6 or 7 Years

One of my first online friends and blogging buddies, Kelly Martin, tagged me in a post on Facebook.

She is now involved in producing an online radio station, Shining Bright Radio.

She invited me, along with all of her other entrepreneur friends, to submit our podcasts for rotation in the Shining Bright broadcast.

I let her know that I did not have a podcast, that it was something I’ve been wanting to do for years, and to give me some time.

My business philosophy and the guidance I give to others, came flooding back with the message I received from Kelly.

She suggested to just start with what I have.

The podcast didn’t have to be perfect.

“Just do it and it will grow & get better over time.”

That was all the incentive I needed.

A Lifetime In The Making…

The finished podcast was completed on my Birthday and I sent it off to Shining Bright Radio.

The next day, I got incredible feedback.

They loved the podcast.

I sat back for a minute and realized, in all truth, this was a lifetime in the making.

Starting with my desire to be a Disc Jockey when I was in high school, which led to my original college major, Broadcast Communications.

(Yeah – I learned some stuff 😉 )

Then, the realization that I had been envisioning, outlining and creating this podcast, repeatedly, in my head and on long-gone pieces of paper and Notepad files, for nearly seven years.

So, when the magic hour finally arrived, it all unfolded with ease (pretty much – editing can be a pain at times – haha!), and I ended up with something very similar to what I had been envisioning all along.

A podcast unlike the podcasts I’d been listening to.

A podcast that does not fit any of the guidelines presented by the experts.

Stay Tuned

I will be doing these weekly.

It’s been a slow start because I always take the week of my Birthday off  due to the following weekend being Memorial Day.

The podcast is also downloadable so you can listen to it any time <3

So, please take a moment to listen to this podcast created to help you take a moment in your day to get centered and align your mindset with Your Blossoming Life.

Let Me Know!

I can’t wait to hear what you think.

You can email me here.

Or message me on any of my social media (the links are floating off to the right at the bottom of the page.)

Take care,





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