The Milestone ~ A Personal Note From Latrelle



Are you new around here?

Then you really picked a good time to jump on board.

Because, what you will see unfolding from here on out is what I have been guided to do for you for Years!

A dream, a whisper in my ear 30 years ago, more recently manifesting into well over 17 years of writing, blogging, education, digging, and healing.

Healing being the operative word.

That’s because all of it was part of my healing.

A healing I have been allowing to unfold in my life for a very long time.

Like – Decades.

It’s been a long process that started with healing my addictions and everything that comes with that, in my twenties (I’m almost 50 – if that gives you some perspective 😉 ).

And as each layer has been revealed, I have grown to learn how to trust/hear my intuition, own my choices, surrender, allow, learn and grow.

Seems so simple when you stand back and look at it from that sort of distance.

But, yeah, it’s been a lot of work and always will be.

It’s the only thing that makes sense.

A Healing Channel

That’s the hidden gift that has been revealed throughout this lengthy journey.

Most recently coming to light when an answered prayer led to an ankle fracture that forced me to sit down and stop for four months.

Forcing me to “practice what I preach”.

Showing me how to truly surrender and allow, because that’s all I could do.

(Click here for instant access to the book that unfolded during this moment in time.  I created it for readers of my old blog, so the offers and contact information are out of date.)

And this gift I’ve always had of channeling healing energy is now surfacing as something I am supposed to include with all the ways I help you.

Once I realized it was something that needed to be pursued, I combined it with my love of jewelry and the healing properties involved with all of the elements used.

I studied Reiki and received Level 1 & 2 certifications, to learn a more well known way of channeling healing energy.

Then I infused all of the elements involved with the jewelry I created for you, with Reiki energy, which amplified the healing properties of each piece.

This video explains the whole process.

(Currently there is no jewelry available. Though I do have some in the works and ready to go. – Stay tuned.)

Just Last Week

Then, last week I was called to do my first actual distance healing for members of The Authentic Transformation Tribe, while I was in the middle of the live Intuition Reading I do every Monday morning in the group.

My intention was to do a Reiki healing.

As soon as I stepped foot on my front porch to get a crystal, I was guided to do the kind of elemental healing (a channeled, Native American influenced process) I’ve been doing since I started healing my addictions over 20 years ago.

Only, this time, I was able to amplify the process with the wisdom gained over all that time.

Amplification due to confidence in the process, new faith, the openness and allowing gained from healing my ankle and finally, the extra “juice” from the Reiki.

A Perfect Storm

Or maybe Divine Order is a better expression.

Everything involved with my own personal healing, all coming together to help you in a way I have had faith would eventually unfold, as long as I followed my intuition, surrendered and allowed.

The Floodgates Are Open

So, yes.

Even before this healing, I had been “downloading” all kinds of stuff to create for you.

And I completed my first offering, Transforming The Shadow Side Workshop, the week before the distance healing.

(BTW – the inspiration for this workshop was also the result of what was revealed to me during a Monday Intuition Reading in the Tribe, and it was gifted there first, so yet another perk to joining us 😉 ).

The Milestone

So, yeah, the whole point of this was to get to the personal milestone I wanted to share.

And how interesting that it surfaced at the same time as all of this other wonderful, juicy, healing goodness.

So, here I go…

Since breaking my ankle three years ago, I have been dealing with chronic pain, sometimes so severe that I cannot walk when I first get out of bed in the morning.

Fortunately, as time has passed and I’ve gotten stronger, the worst of these issues appears to be something that I will only have to deal with seasonally.

Navigating all this is something only those closest to me have been privy to.

I haven’t shared any of it publicly.

I learned to put a psychic bubble (it’s in the book 😉 ) around what I need to heal while navigating my ankle fracture.

But, this particular issue has taken a couple of years to get a grip on.

Treating pain and chronic pain are new for me.

The global pain, and mobility issues that come with the seasonal changes (November and March are the worst) have been overwhelming and humbling.

For The Last Two Years

Once the fracture healed, I had to learn how to walk again.

Physical therapy got me on my way and a year after the fracture, I was walking around, with extreme pain, but the adrenaline, and elation/joy at being able to get around on my own overshadowed the extreme chronic pain I was coping with.

Thanks to the daily grind, that eventually faded and I found myself living a life that revolved around assessing which pain relief method would be best and what leg and hip exercises I needed to do to keep my gate straight and my balance strong.

That’s been it for two years.

Pain, exhaustion, assessment, treatment, strength, balance, all to keep me physically and mentally safe and sound.

Then The Other Day

Out of nowhere.

After dealing with all the pain and craziness that comes with March.

I heard a voice in my head that I haven’t heard in over three years.

“Wow, I’m out of shape.  I really need to do something about this gut.”

I’m crying again as I write this.

I can not remember the last time I was inspired to look at my exercise and wellness for something other than strengthening my leg, straightening my gate and navigating pain.

This issue that so many of us struggle with.

Our weight, our wellness.

The billion dollar industry that’s been inundating me since I was a child.

Its influence, suddenly an ironic beacon, a light shining in the midst of all this physical challenge.

A simple thought indicating that I am physically strong enough to entertain the notion that “it’s time to get in shape for Summer”.

April 2015

Three years ago, this month, I slipped into a deep depression because it was Spring and all I wanted to do was go to the park, take a long walk and work up a good sweat.

But that was physically impossible.

My spirit was crushed.


Today is a new day.

Today my spirit knows my body is back where it needs to be to take that sweaty walk in the park.

It’s been a long time since I said to myself, “Boy, I really need to do some hip and knee strengthening, I’m sinking into my ankle.”

Today my self talk was familiar, but the intention behind it was very different.

And — unlike all the times in the past, where I’ve used this thought as an acknowledgment of physical weakness.

Today it is a milestone.

One of the most empowering thoughts I’ve had in a long time.

Because today it is an acknowledgment of how strong I am.






#GentleVisibilityBlogfest – Day 3

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