More Creations

Here’s some more news from the jewelry front.

(Insert fanfare) ;~D

Reiki Infused Earrings For Calming & Healing

I am so excited to share the first round of healing jewelry that I created from the stones and other materials the Universe sent my way.

All of the elements used to make each piece, were outside for at least three moon cycles.

They were then infused with the healing Reiki energy I intuitively learned to channel when I broke my ankle. (I am in the process of getting a basic certification for this gift and am currently not being called to do any sort of hands on or distance healing.)

I Chose To Work With…

Sterling silver, cultured pearls, amethyst, rose quartz and abalone shell.

Each piece is designed for a cooling, calming, loving, meditative, healing experience.

Be sure to check out the Gemstone/Metal Healing Properties board on my Pinterest page for more details.

The Final Product

(My light box finally arrived just as I was finishing this post.  I am looking forward to showing you more professional looking photos from here on out.)
  • The first pair are made from 925 silver, pearls, rose quartz and amethyst. They measure  1 3/8″ from the hook x 3/8″ wide.
  • The pair in the lower left are made from 925 silver and pearls. They measure 1.25″ from from the hook x 3/16″or 4mm wide.
  • Finally, the pair in the lower right are made from 925 silver and abalone shell. They measure and measure 1 1/8″ from the hook x 0.5″ wide. (Apologies, I didn’t think to photograph the backs of the shells)

Sorry, Not For Sale

Unfortunately, these 3 specific pairs of earrings are no longer available.

They were created back in March and they sat in my “creation station” for far too long.

A dear friend, who is going through a very profound personal transformation right now, received them as a gift the other day.

The energy had to be moved.

My Hope

The plan is to have a nice spread of upcycled, healing jewelry to show you by the Fall Equinox, if not before.

Let me know if there’s a specific healing energy you need.

I’ll see what I can do.

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